Brilliant I tell ya, a brilliant match.

This past week a study sponsored by was released entitled “Singles in America” in which 6000 singles participated in a survey covering their sexual habits, dating life, political beliefs and more.  It was in association with a biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher; sex and relationship therapist, Dr. Laura Berman; evolutionary biologist with The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Dr. Justin R. Garcia; and the Institute for Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) at Binghamton University.

The Daily Beast was given an exclusive to all the horny details and they reported, ”More than half of those who identified as conservative Republicans said they reached climax almost every time they had sex, compared with just 40 percent of liberal Democrats.”  

YES!!! I knew it. See, what have I been telling you people?  That nice Republican girl sitting in the corner of the bar wearing a high-collar shirt and a lovely set of pearls is hoping to get her freak on.   It’s always the quiet ones.

They also report Republicans have less but better sex.   Ok, I can live with that one.  I’d much rather have no sex than bad sex.  There are ways to get through those times.  They mention as well, “A full 50 percent of women say that “bad sex” would be a deal-breaker in a relationship, compared with just 44 percent of men.”  Well, that’s just shocking.

Sadly, the study also shows, ”Fidelity is regarded as a more important quality in the U.S. president than in a partner. 62% of men and 80% of women say that sexual fidelity in a relationship is a “must have.” But almost 9 out of 10 respondents believe there are “no acceptable excuses” for infidelity by a political candidate (87% of men and 91% of women).”

I say sadly, because we hold our politicians to a much higher standard than to ourselves.  I vote for no infidelity for anybody.  There, that’s fixed.

As far as looking for a real live partner in crime, “Republican and Democratic singles seek dramatically different traits in a partner. Liberal Democrats are more likely to search for someone with a sense of humor, similar lifestyle to their own, a sense of independence and someone whom they consider to be their equal. Republicans really are conservative when it comes to choosing a partner; they’re searching for someone with the same background and political party as their own who is interested in marriage.”


Hey, I take issue with that one. Humor is numero uno on my list every time.

I would just like conclude this post with an in-depth summary of my views on the matter.


I wonder if that survey covered anything about Republicans being very competitive and sometimes immature.  Doesn’t matter, we win.

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