A couple of years ago I had the privilege of going to South Beach with a guy I was seeing. We stayed at this absolutely amazing boutique hotel in the heart of SoBe.  The room was a beautiful two-story suite with a winding staircase to the second floor and  had its own private outdoor hot tub.  He had thought of everything.  He brought a really expensive, amazing bottle of champagne complete with blackberries, (my favorite) and music.

I was already soaking in the hot tub while he was running around getting everything just so, and then he started to step into the hot tub.  That’s when he slipped  in a sort of slo-mo spiral of death, falling head first into the water.  He was flailing under the water for a scant moment I think trying to get right side up and then suddenly he pops up out of the water, and without missing a beat, he suavely chokes out, “Bond, James Bond.”

If you can die from laughter, I was close.  And since laughing is my favorite thing to do on the planet, sorry to disappoint,  it’s going down as one of my all-time favorite moments.  A James Bond moment it wasn’t.  A perfect moment it was.

Well, evidently Obama assumes he also is in a Bond movie.  Although I would commit suicide before I ever considered Michelle a Bond girl.  *insert cat furball type hacking sound here*

Earlier this week I’m ashamed to say, I let something rather large slip past me.  Well, THAT sounds dirty.

And you know, it is dirty.  Obama was caught on a hot mic secretly speaking to the current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  In reference to missile-defense negotiations Obama quietly says, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space.”

Medvedev replies, ““Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

“This is my last election,” Obama reminds him, “After my election, I have more flexibility.”

And Medvedev reassured, “I understand. I transmit this information to Vladimir.”

The media presents this little exchange then rapidly informs us to just keep moving along.  Nothing to see here folks!!  And dammit, I fell for it.  At first any way.  It kept playing in my head and in my best Russian impersonation, ”I transmeat ze message forrr yuu to overlord Vladimir in his secret eeveeel lair”

It’s sounds like no big deal.  Probably because we have become so desensitized to President Obama violating so many laws and rules of standards, it just seems like an ordinary day.  An ordinary day where our President commits treason though?

I just watched a video and I highly recommend you do as well, on PJTV with the Vodka Pundit and the rest of the Trifecta and found myself shouting out loud, “OH MY GOD, HOW COULD I HAVE BLOWN OVER THIS?”  Yummy the neighbors dog barked in reply.  I think he’s upset too.

First of all, how nice of Obama to assume he is a foregone conclusion.  Like most women, Mr. Obama, you are NOT a foregone conclusion.

The Trifecta points out “in Article 3 Section 3 of the US Constitution, defines treason as adhering to our enemies giving them aid and comfort. Article 2, section 4 says treason is cause for impeachment.”

Vodka Pundit, Steven Green correctly identifies him as an “ego in a suit.”   Obama takes all the positions within his cabinet assuming he knows better than all of them, not to mention all of us.  He’s like the crazy Bond villain who has gone rogue and is basically making up his own society.   Who is he to negotiate missile defense with the Russians on his own accord without any involvement from his administration or the rest of our Governing parties?  News flash, HE’S NOT A DICTATOR HOLDING A HAIRLESS CAT. HE JUST WISHES HE WAS ONE.

And just like all Bond movies, the Russians are ALWAYS the bad guys. That doesn’t change.  They help Iran for God’s sake. How is this difficult to figure out? They aren’t Felix Leiter and no way do they have our backs. Sadly, the President knows that.  I never thought in my lifetime I would ever have to try to figure out whose side the American President is actually on.

I can tell you with great certainty, he isn’t on Israel’s side.   He treats them like 006, and they are completely expendable. That whole, “I got your back Israel”  was hilarious in comparison with his actions.   I was reminded in the middle of the night last night after some texts I received that sometimes it’s just words.  But then sometimes there is substance behind those words.

This is yet another incident  I don’t want to let slip past unnoticed. Like Joe Biden says, “this is a big fu**ing deal!”  Thank God for Vodka Pundits who keep things both shaken and stirred. (Yeah, I know it was bad. But I have to laugh or else I’m gonna cry)

Spread the word Patriots! We can’t let a person so void of character and substance to remain in office.

If you exclude any of the Kardashians, the last person on earth I would ever want to be is Jay Carney.  Carney, in case you don’t already have a poster of him on your dart board next to Holder,  is the White House Press Secretary.  Which, essentially, operates as the mouth piece to the media on behalf of the President and the President’s actions.

Now, if you have an honest President, who say, ISN’T a closet communist, the job would be hard.  But if you DO, the job is likely damn hard and you probably drink  yourself to the point of passing out nightly, just to “make the bad journalists go away”.

Having to answer for the President and his daily bone-headedness would suck eggs.  That’s frankly the best way to describe it.  I always picture Jay Carney as the Albino monk Silas, from The DiVinci Code, who likely has to practice self-flagellation rituals nightly.

None-the-less Carney is a spin Doctor.  And it’s frustrating when he can twist things to appear as some sort of alternate reality thus usually keeping the President ‘off the hook’ so to speak.  It somehow then becomes seemingly a game of strategy to get the administration and his mouth piece to answer with truths, not spin.

Ed Henry, the senior White House Correspondent for Fox News, kept Carney completely twisted this week during the White House briefing.  First of all I have to say, I LOVE that “we” have Henry, who came from CNN.  To me that in of itself makes me say, “neener, neener, we win!”  And yesterday proved exactly why.

A great article at Examiner.com explains, “You just have to love the way FOX News reporter, Ed Henry, used White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s own twisted tongue, to tie him in knots during the regular press briefing yesterday. Henry was not going to allow a single, false Obama phrase to go unchallenged before the media.”

And this all has to do with the Presidents bully comments to the Supremes this past week and his error in speaking of judicial review.  This caused 5th circuit court Judge Jerry Smith, who has to have the biggest set of balls ever and can fully expect an IRS audit this year,  ”to demand a three-page, single-spaced “legal brief,” by 1:00 pm ET yesterday, indicating that President Obama understands the court’s right of judicial review, and ability to strike down, any federal statutory law, specifically naming “Obamacare.”

Holder complied and delivered the letter. Of course, it was all still “the game”.  And Carney is the one having to answer for all of this.

Even CBS Reporter Bill Plante bluntly told White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today that President Obama’s Supreme Court comments on Monday were an “obvious misspoken moment,” and that Carney was “standing up there twisting yourself in knots because he made a mistake, and you can’t admit it.”

Insert childish giggle here!

Everything is a game.  Just different stakes.

Even with men.  And you guys will probably be a lot like Carney and never admit to this, but you know I’m right.  The guys that I ignore are the ones that continue to pursue with great fervor.  The ones I like and enjoy talking to are the ones that keep their distance.  I heard it described brilliantly once.  Evidently, you men, still have that hunting thing about you.  You love sport! You love the chase. If someone put a moose head on your doorstep, you would say “ewww”.  But if you went with a group of your buddies into the wild to chase moose, you would fight like hell to get it, and eventually with great pride hold a bloody moose head up for photos and make it your Christmas Card photo!

And that’s the exact same reason, or so I hear, cough, cough, that when women immediately sleep with a guy they run like lightning.  Game over!  Unless the sex of course is mind-blowing then they text you a lot in the middle of the night.  Again, so I’ve heard.

It’s not right or wrong.  It just is what it is.

I tweeted yesterday that I schooled a Ferrari in my Volkswagen in morning traffic yesterday.   I commented I didn’t think he was trying.   But in all honesty he was.  If we had been out on a wide open road I probably would have wondered what the red fuzzy blur was that just passed me.  BUT, I grew up driving in Dallas.  Driving is nothing more than competition. Oh sure, you thought it was to get you from point A to B! Nope!!

We were in traffic.  I’m terribly impatient in traffic.  But I look at it as a game.  I pick cars I have to beat.  Yes!!!! I know I need therapy.  That’s beside the point.  But I picked the Ferrari who was desperately changing lanes.  He’d get ahead, but I wouldn’t panic.  I sat back and anticipated everyone’s next move.  I’m actually REALLY good at that.  I take all of it in.  All the cars, all the “types” of drivers and I strategize.   Sometimes it feels like you are losing.  But you have to just be patient for the right opening.  And when it does, it’s big, and you go!

By the time I turned off to my destination.  The Ferrari, was behind me. I win!!!

The same is happening now. We feel like we are stuck in the slow lane and we are being schooled by the flashy Ferrari Obama Administration.  We are not losing.  We are strategizing.  And we are waiting. If you give someone enough rope, they will hang themselves.  It’s already begun.

Game on my friends. Time to win back our country.

My sister on the other hand…

She was the wild one.  I know! Right?  When she moved out and I got her “big” room, the screens on the windows kept falling off from all the late night sneaking out sessions.  Of course, by then our parents had become privy to the fact the escape plan was about to be passed down to me and proceeded to screw all the screens solidly on. Hence why I didn’t lose my virginity for so freaking long.

She actually got into a bar fight once and smashed a beer bottle over a girl’s head all “Road House” style!  God I wish I had been there.  You don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with her.  She’s THAT cool.  Whereas I’m a tall blond, she is a petite fiery red-head!  She can beat any man on the planet at pool, cook the most amazing brisket ever.  And this one time at band camp…no, not really.

But she and I rarely fought. Even with our 5 years difference.  We just didn’t.  And why?  Because we are on the same team.  Even when I screw up royally and she has to save my ass, she does.  Or if she needs to tell me I’m being a complete idiot, she does that too.  And yes, she NEVER let’s me live it down, but she NEVER sells me out to anyone else.  Sisters in arms.

So why the HELL, is there a cat fight going on between Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin?

I think it poses a serious question. Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, as said during his 1966 campaign for Governor of California, is “thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Ann Coulter, obviously known for saying whatever the hell she wants politically correct or not, criticized Sarah Palin as being a “novelty candidate” on” This Week with Troublemaker George Stephanopoulos”.  Michelle Malkin, who obviously is known for saying whatever the hell she wants politically correct or not, took issue with Ann’s comments and blasted the skinny one with a critical article on her website.

She wrote, “‘Novelty candidate’ means an outside-the-Beltway, outside-the-establishment public servant who speaks from the heart, lives political and personal life on her own terms, and embodies all that Coulter’s best Hollywood friends like misogynist Bill Maher hate. Sometimes, the war on conservative women isn’t just being waged by the Left. This is a form of political fragging. Shame.”

I have a good friend that is a famous conservative writer.  I met him on Twitter and didn’t have a clue who he was.  I loved his writing and read his blog frequently.  Then one day I saw an article of his published on a huge site.  I was so excited for him I sent him a private message telling how good he did and too just keep it up!  That’s when he informed me he was one of the top 10 conservative bloggers and frequently had anywhere up to 20,000 hits a day on his site.  Yep. I’m an moron.

I have to say I’m actually glad I didn’t know he was famous.  I would have been nervous and been a complete idiot aside from my regular everyday common idiocy.   But he made a profound comment to me about how he tries hard to stay out of the DC loop, away from both sides in order to keep objectivity regardless of political affiliation. And he does. And he holds the right to a high standard.

I, on the other hand, rarely see shades of gray.  I am a DOGMATIC loyalist.  If you are on my side, even if you screw up, I got your back. It’s just how I roll.  It only gets me in trouble when I date an ass.  Then I ALWAYS stay too long.

But I struggle with this.  I think if someone on the right is doing something illegal, immoral or just flat-out wrong, I should hold them to a higher standard than even I do with the left.  But, I also never want to do more damage to our party and the perception of our party over a mere matter of opinion.  I just can’t.

If you are on “our” side, then please, please, please don’t add to the war on conservative women.  You don’t think we aren’t catching it hard enough?  The left does NOTHING but attack and discredit us.

Just this week the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch a wife, mother, and a cancer survivor has been viciously attacked by the Left. They’ve even gone after her children.  Well, where the FUCK,  are all these supposed #waronwomen MORONS now?  Huh?  (I know I said it. But it was a must this time.)

Breitbart reported quotes from a leftist radio show host as saying…

“I’m Rebecca Kleefisch. I perform fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee. … I got colon cancer and I ran around the state [garbled] people.” (I’m not certain what garbled is, but I think it’s an insult.)

“I hope your husband is sleeping with your best friend.”

“I had heard at one point that Rebecca Kleefisch pulled a train (having sex with several men one after another) but that must’ve been a different story I was reading about.”

Think she will get an apology?  Of course not.  Have you heard of this?  Have you seen this all over the news or on posters by the #WaronWomen group?

Of course not.

Conservative women don’t have time to point their arrows at each other.  And the same goes with conservative men. EVEN CANDIDATES! This is about Obama and his lame-ass administration.  That’s the focus. And I fully expect the Right to attack one of their own only when it is warranted by the reasons I listed above.

Now get out there and be nice, because if you’re not, I’m screwing the screens to you windows and you’re not going anywhere!


Hugs sis!! You are my angel! Well, with a devilish side!