I am officially changing my position on the 2016 presidential election. During 2016 I donated money to three campaigns: Dr. Rand Paul, Gov. Gary Johnson, and recently Donald Trump.

I did not vote in the Republican primary but would have voted for Rand or Cruz had I not recently uprooted my entire life and moved across the state of Florida. My friend owns a tint shop in queens where Trump was raised and he has only good things to say about the man.

I think the one party system posing as two is toxic, destructive, and dangerous to continue in this country. We need a true second option, never mind a third. This is the reason there is no need for the establishment to tamper with the voting process – they just control the candidates who get the nominations, at which point, it doesn’t matter who wins, because it’s all the same to them.

Gov. Johnson is not perfect, nor are his positions, but he is qualified to be president, is a decent human being, and is the only other presidential candidate on every single ballot for POTUS this year – exactly on level with the Democratic and Republican parties.

I believe the Libertarian party can be that second/third party. However, I am no longer going to vote for Gov. Johnson.

Instead I am going to donate money directly to the Libertarian party, and vote Donald Trump for POTUS.

I have no problem with Gov. Johnson and hope he wins his home state of New Mexico, and otherwise does well.

What made me switch camps were the #trumptapes

Those tapes now have the entire Democratic party, much of the Republican party, and over 80% of the mainstream media actively working together to take down Trump – in favor of feminist wonder cunt Hillary Clinton.

Seeing the entrenched establishment forces in this country work so diligently – and fearfully – to stop one man is the ultimate signal to VOTE FOR HIM AND SUPPORT HIM IN EVERY WAY YOU CAN.

The people directing these groups represent the absolute worst in America right now, and for the past few decades. They hate this country, are collectivists, and globalists to the core. They hate you for being an individual.

Donald Trump is far from perfect. But Hillary Clinton is a sociopathic, cluster B, pathologically lying and thieving nightmare come true – and is a breath away from being POTUS.

I don’t believe a woman should ever be president, but jesus christ, you couldn’t pick a worse one to be first. She is a horrible candidate and human being to the bone.

In his own way, Trump’s love of this country is sincere. If you haven’t noticed, this guy isn’t kidding. Whatever his flaws, he is not evil.

Hillary is pure evil. Not just stupid, or has bad ideas. Evil.

Donald Trump may not be anti-establishment like Dr. Ron Paul, but he is not part of the establishment. They hate him. Consider why that is.

Finally, one of the biggest problems we face in all of western civilization is an increasingly open and intense hostility to men and masculinity.

Donald Trump is unabashedly male. He is not hostile to men or women. To the contrary, he loves women, has a meaningful understanding of what they actually respond to, and he enjoys being male.

Hillary Cunt Clinton hates individuals, men, women, boys, girls, and herself.

A Hitlery presidency will further the assault on men and masculinity. A Trump presidency will not only help pause it, but may even reverse some of the damage.

If you are a man, this is reason enough to vote Trump. If you are a woman, think of your sons, brothers, and fathers. They are treated like shit, and Trump will help undo that.

Men are heroes, and are to be celebrated and respected. Hillary doesn’t even recognize them as the primary, real victims of war *when they get their heads blown off*.

Vote and support Trump. He is the first non-establishment candidate to win a major party nomination in a long, long time.

At minimum, and perhaps more importantly, do anything other than vote for Hillary Clinton.

Vote Libertarian, vote Green, vote Constitution party, vote Bernie, write in John Galt, Frank Underwood, or don’t vote at all. ANYTHING.


From my facebook page “I can’t agree with you more. Donald is a New Yorker and a true American that lovyes this country and will work for us and not the machine. I also plan to vote for Trump and encourage all our clients, friends and families in New York to do the same”Barbara Babes Barbies Dolls New York, NY

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