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I know. I know. That title borders on the ridiculous for even me.  But you have to admit, it begged to be mocked.

Ah, the elusive, world of bizarro that is the Iowa Caucus.

Oddly, when I think about the Iowa Cock-us, I picture a lot of people sitting around in lawn chairs and usually beer is involved.

But if you want to know how the Iowa Cock-us really works here is a great video explaining the extremely fucked up process.  I highly suggest one shot of anything 20 proof or stronger before you watch.  If you are left-brained deficient like myself you will particularly enjoy the animated visual aids.  Unfortunately it is from 2008, so they mention, gasp, democrats.

The only error or potential error I noticed, because of a recent speech I heard from an Iowa Congressman was that each candidate will have some person making a speech at each of the precincts in favor of that particular candidate.  Like this video mentions the Democrats as doing. I’m not certain the exact nature behind the reasoning in the difference.  That is one of the reasons the candidates have been breaking their asses to get to each of the counties.  With the exception of Gingrich and Romney, because they have such heavy media rotations.   Essentially each candidate will need anywhere up to 2000 people speaking on their behaves for the caucus.

Iowa Caucus: Animated Edition