Obama has whacked off again.  This time it’s the “Mad Dog of the Middle East”  Muammar Gaddafi.  Why do I say Obama?  Because he’s going to take credit for it anyway.  Early reports state that NATO air strikes initially wounded Gaddafi in the legs and head and rebel fighters found him hiding in a drainage “hole”, and that he later died.  But of course, reports from the Rebels state that they were responsible for the Tyrant’s death.

The death of Mad Dog Muammar ends his 42 year reign.  He came into power when he was only 27 years old and he successfully toppled the then Libyan King and his regime.  He is responsible for the Berlin discotheque Bombing, the Lockerbee Bombing, and a mass of Libyan civilian deaths.  And who the hell knows what else.  He was adept at hiding his crimes.

In 2004 he regained legitimacy with world leaders negotiated by his abandonment of his nuclear program.  Which in light of recent months appears to be a sickening, but likely smart move.