Have you ever had to deal with a tease?  It can be fun, for a while.  You keep thinking you’re going to “get something” but then you don’t. Then they throw another little breadcrumb out there.  Just a morsel.  Enough to make your mouth water and again, you respond.  You try a little more, and then nothing.  But the “promise” of something is still there.

For awhile it’s sort of exciting.  Titillating is the perfect word.  As the anticipation builds the foreplay is quite the enjoyable ride.  Until, nothing happens.  And yes! Men can be quite the teases as well.  But not just sexually.

After time, you get freaking sick of it.  You eventually could give a rat’s ass really.  Go find someone else to tease. And you slam the door.  But a long drawn out episode can end up flip-flopping and turning you completely against the person.

There’s a balance to be found.  Too soon, you’re easy.  Too late, you’re a tease.  And it gets to that point where something HAS to happen.  It’s either moving forward or it’s not.  But either way action must be taken.

Sarah Palin mentioned in an interview she may still indeed be running for President.  On the Fox News show the Five, they called it a long tease.  Yes indeed it is.  If Sarah is in, then dammit, get in.  But if she is not, stop lifting your skirt and lowering your shirt.  I’m still failing to see the strategy behind waiting so long if she’s going to run. I’ve blogged on this before even.  It’s the same tease going on now!

It will have a completely adverse effect if she waits too long and finally enters the race.

On the 5, Greg Gutfeld compared it perfectly to the show “Friends”, when Ross and Rachel would almost get together and then it wouldn’t happen.  They would get so close to giving us the satisfaction and at the last minute yank it away. By the time it finally did happen, Greg said he could care less.

And it’s true.  After a while when you don’t get the things you want and need, you eventuallywalk away.  You have to, your energy is better focused elsewhere.

Sarah Palin needs desperately to understand that if there is a chance she is running, then stop teasing and do it now! (I know, I sound like Obama)  But all these supporters will walk away from her and she will be wasting her time and ours.

It also made me think of Iran teasing us all this time with our two Americans who until today were being held in a prison for spying.  First of all, thank God they are free.  I can’t imagine having been a family member of theirs and getting so close only to have it go away time after time.

From Oman today, they spoke for the very first time as free men after 782 days of being held by the Iranians.  Welcome back Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal.  I’m happy Iran stopped teasing and finally went all the way.

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