Several of my girlfriends are dating much younger men.  One is in her early 30′s and is dating a man in his mid 20′s.  She’s the one with the higher sex drive. Do I think he has already peaked and on the decline, um NO!

I think it’s more about ebb and flow. (Unless you are cursed. Amen Poli?)

There are different seasons to life.  And to politics.  To quote Heidi Klum, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”  Just ask Rick Perry. (ouch)

I know, I’m all philosophical this morning.  As it turned out, I worked so much over the weekend I was unable to write. (And no, it didn’t involve a pole.)  I’m always much “deeper” when I haven’t had time to purge.

I’ve always been interested in trends.  Not trends like Occupy Wall Street or Lindsay Lohan, but business and world-changing trends.

Over the weekend Brit Hume laid some heavy criticism of Herman “the Godfather” Cain.  Because of some recent “missteps” and what I like to refer to as a “missing verbal filter”, Hume believes Cain’s time of peaking is now going to decline.

Have you noticed with all of the candidates with the exception of Huntsman or Santorum, they have peaked, sometimes only slightly and gone away.  Michele Bachmann’s New Hampshire staff all quit at the end of last week.  She’s peaked, she’s done.  Does she know this?

Ron Paul always seems to be peaking with his very loyal following.  Does he take any blue pills for that or is it his sensical approach to politics and government.

But Herman Cain has been surging in the polls of recent in a desperate attempt for Republicans to find “anyone other than Romney.”

Last week in during one of his radio programs, Rush Limbaugh posed the question, “Do the Republican front-runners PURPOSEFULLY try to blow it?”  It seems like at a time when you would want to be more careful than ever, they do small stupid things that change the direction of the wind.

Cain had difficulty this past week with his views of abortion.  He stated it ought to be a person’s choice but also he stated it was illegal.  And I believe I also heard he sent out an email to his database saying “I’m pro-life, end of debate.”  Or something to the effect.

On “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, New York Times columnist David Brooks stated he felt “Romney is the only plausible choice.”  He also compared him to a Stepford Wife.  Which personally I think is dead on.

Poor Romney.  It’s like, “well none of the hot guys that I like are available so I guess I’ll just fuck you. You are all that’s left in the bar and I’m drunk and horny!” Gee, it’s got to make him feel special huh?

Before anyone gets up in arms, I have no idea what is going to happen.  I still really like Herman Cain.  I still really don’t like Mitt Romney.  I still like things that Ron Paul and Newt say(who names their kid Newt?).  But more than anything, I’m worried about our country.  I’m worried, truly about our freedoms.  I want our Constitution to peak, and stay there.  I’m tired of losing freedoms.

And we should be worried.  Even the founding fathers looked ahead at the importance of events occurring right now.

In a letter to Abigail Adams, John Adams wrote,  ” a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

I think this is unlike any time in the history of our country.  And it’s time to be hot and bothered by it all.  We are the people to fight and protect it.  Because I’m very afraid, once “it’s” gone, it’s gone forever.

Happy Monday All!

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