What a complete load of bull-hockey! (Isn’t that a word?) I’ve mentioned that I am on the DCCC email list because I am sick and masochistic.  Signing up to receive Democratic propaganda is the Republican version of being an emotional cutter.  I don’t know why I do it, I just have to.

So I get this email that says “Vile” in the subject box.  It goes on to talk about how the Republicans are continuing the “War on Women Crusade” by vowing to get rid of Planned Parenthood among other things.  So evidently this morning people like Eric Cantor, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan woke up and said. Oh my God! We hate women and we must destroy them.  Give me a flippin’ break.

And a follow-up email actually said that Republicans want women to get the shit beat out of them. They didn’t use those words but they said that Republicans want women to suffer at the hands of Domestic violence and do away with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  And we wonder why the hell there is such a great divide between parties.  They work tirelessly day and night at fanning the flames of divisiveness.

FOR THE RECORD! Republicans DO NOT want to do away with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

 ”Nobody opposes the reauthorization of this legislation,” Jon Kyl of Arizona, the second-ranking Senate Republican, told CNN. “If you follow the Judiciary Committee work on it, the questions had to do with the additions that have been made to this bill related to illegal immigrant visas, related to the additional sums of money and grants that would be available and the like.

Senator Jeff Sessions is quoted on CNN as saying…

“I’m always for the Violence Against Women bill,” said Sessions who voted for a GOP alternative bill that was defeated in the Democratic-majority Judiciary Committee. But he said every time VAWA is up for reauthorization, “if you don’t agree with everything that’s in it, they just attack you as being anti-women.”

When will the Republicans stop being on the defense and go on the offense?  Nothing is ever won by just playing defense. They need to get this out there now and make it very clear what it is they support or do not support.  But this “war on women” bullshit rhetoric has GOT to be shot down. Republicans WANT women to keep their rights. That is freedom my friends. The Democrats want to crawl in my bed with me. Um, ew. Not gonna happen even if they provide me a free lobster dinner.  Which I’m sure is next and the Republicans will claim, “We’re not paying for your Lobster” to which the Democrats will blast out emails stating, “Republicans want women to starve to death.”

Head. Desk.

Read more at CNN Politics: http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/15/politics/senate-vawa-accusations/index.html

So, in case you didn’t know, Obama is a Christian.

Yeah, I know. Shocker.

But hey he could say the same about me! So this isn’t to stand in judgment or be the first to cast stones for whomever is without sin, but it is to show that Obama is a flipping dirty little liar. It’s to the point now where I try to see where he ISN’T lying. It’s much less exhausting.

Obama has always had that bizarre Narcissism about him where I really do think he believes he is enlightened somehow. He’s called himself the 4th best President ever. He’s likened himself to Gandhi and Nelson Mandella.   For reals. I shook my head too.

I read on Godfather Politics an interview from 2004 with Cathleen Falsani talking to Obama about his Christian faith.

ALSANI: “Do you believe in heaven?”

OBAMA: “Do I believe in the harps and clouds and wings?”

FALSANI: “A place spiritually you go to after you die?”

OBAMA: “What I believe in is that if I live my life as well as I can, that I will be rewarded. I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. But I feel very strongly that whether the reward is in the here and now or in the hereafter, the aligning myself to my faith and my values is a good thing.

When I tuck in my daughters at night and I feel like I’ve been a good father to them, and I see in them that I am transferring values that I got from my mother and that they’re kind people and that they’re honest people, and they’re curious people, that’s a little piece of heaven.”

FALSANI: “Do you believe in sin?”

OBAMA: “Yes.”

FALSANI: “What is sin?”

OBAMA: “Being out of alignment with my values.”

FALSANI: “What happens if you have sin in your life?”

OBAMA: “I think it’s the same thing as the question about heaven. In the same way that if I’m true to myself and my faith then that is its own reward; when I’m not true to it, it’s its own punishment.”

Godfather Politics explains it perfectly, “Christianity clearly teaches that sin is man’s disobedience of God.  Because of man’s sin, man only has the right to go to Hell which is why we need a Savior.  The Savior is Jesus Christ who as God came to earth in the form of a man, lived a sinless life, was crucified on the Cross for OUR sins, died, was buried and the rose from the dead and ascended into heaven where He prepares a place for us.”

Trust me, any Christian that has claimed to spend “20 years” in a christian church will easily answer the questions Falsani posed almost identically in alignment with true Christian doctrine.

I also hate I don’t have a reference for this. But somewhere recently, I also read that since Obama was at one time a Muslim, that the Muslim world still views him as such.

Great. *rolls eyes*

Read more:

Barack Obama: “Sin is Being Out of Alignment With My Values” – Godfather Politics


A couple of months ago I’m driving down the road, probably 20 miles away from my house, when my tire suddenly blows out.  So I carefully veer to a safe spot on the side of the road.

Being the single self-reliant girl that I am.  I get out.  Get my tools.  Jack up the car. Take the shredded tire off.  Go to get the spare, only to discover the spare was also shredded.  Thanks a lot to the guy I bought the car from last year. I appreciate the heads up, really.

So I call my girlfriend to come get me and run me to the tire place.  And I park my ass on the curb.  And that’s when it started.  The first car pulls up. Guy gets out, “hey you need some help?”

“No! Thanks I already got it!” I politely reply.  And he moves on.  Then another guy stops.  Same scenario.  Then another and another.  I repeated my mantra as I looked to my watch desperately wishing my girlfriend would arrive STAT!

Then it happened.  A huge Fire Truck pulls up behind me with lights flashing, with hot firemen wildly exiting the vehicle to save me.  REALLY?

It’s a flat tire.

So now I’m embarrassed half to death.  This whole, “not trying to draw attention to myself” plan has failed miserably.  They put cones around my car.  Dear God Jesus help me! I’m thinking.  They walk up after surveying the situation and say, “Oh, you’ve already got it.”

“Yep” I say and explain the girlfriend thing.  Then they say well why don’t you come down and hang out with us at the Fire Station.  My first thought was, gang-bang alert!  But then I realized something very important.

It’s ok to have some help now and again and not try to hold up the entire Universe on your own.  I chillaxed and said why not! I climbed in the truck with the yummy Firemen and headed to the station.  I had a blast sitting there talking with them about politics for the next hour until my girlfriend arrived.

An appeals court in California has upheld an affirmative action ban much to the chagrin of liberal activist.  Affirmative action, in case you’ve been under a rock, is when colleges or universities “take factors including race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group.”  So as an example a college would take your race into consideration and admit you to their institution based on that fact alone even if you were under qualified.

The liberals fully support affirmative action which has always confused me.  I thought they wanted fairness?  I thought they do NOT want to be judged by their race or sex.  (Or lack thereof, ba-da-bump ch!)

In a perfect world the Colleges and Universities would rely on merits and qualifications alone.  Now I’m also not stupid and I understand a blonde in a tight t-shirt with huge boobs is probably going to have more people stop than a really big hairy fat guy in a stained wife beater!  Which is wrong.

And if a minority is fully qualified and declined admission to an institution it should be looked in to and appropriate actions taken.  And if it still doesn’t work, why the hell would you want to be a part of that organization in the first place?

The truth is, life isn’t always fair.  But that also doesn’t give you the excuse to demand rights based solely on the fact of your race, sex or sexual orientation without having the qualifications deemed necessary for whatever  you are trying to accomplish.  And why would you want that in the first place?  I don’t want success based on the fact I’m a woman alone. It’s sort of dubious honor.  I want success because I’m freaking awesome!!  Success is oh so much sweeter then.

And don’t get me wrong on this, I think racist bastards need to be taken down.

With President Obama and his endless, “their fair share” shit.  (Say that 5 times fast!) It’s the same story all over again.  Punish those who are qualified, give to those who are not.

And don’t miss the other point I made. I also understand sometimes we just need help.  We need a break.  We need a truck load of hot firemen.  Usually, in my personal life, right when I need that, that person shows up.  We really are made up of so many good people. I’ve had hands extended to me on so many occasions. Especially in the most devastatingly difficult of times.  And so now, if I can ever be any help to any one else on their path, I do it.

I will never be one of those people who feels it necessary to keep someone else down in order to build myself up.  And if I ever behave that way, you all feel free to kick my ass and remind me of those who helped me along my way.  I really hope I’m the kind of person who stops for the big fat hairy guy as long as he looks like he isn’t going to murder me.

The left only considered it “fair” when it benefits them at the detriment of someone else.  But then again they really do play by the rules that all is fair in love and war.

UPDATE: 4.3.2022

I had a great comment from @TheMoMorrison on Twitter about this post.  I just thought it was a great comment and wanted to include it.  ~~ Affirmative Action; quotas – both discriminate. Diversity is codeword for quotas as well. Diversity of skills is what we need

Happy St. Patricks day! Time to slam some green beer and green liberals!

An environmental group called the Center for Biological Diversity that boasts 220,000 member, most of them living I understand, created a petition and sent it to the EnvironMENTAL Protection Agency with a heavy accent on “mental”.   They want the agency to regulate lead to be removed from all ammunition to prevent “poisoning” the food supply.

Knock. Knock. Who’s there?  More bullshit.

A man of awesomeness, Lawrence Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation told FoxNews.com. “It’s clear that their motivation is to end hunting in the United States.”  I love smart people. OF COURSE THEY ARE. The lefts agenda is not some little short term plan.  They want to abolish our second amendment rights PERIOD!!! ALL of their actions say so.

“There’s no sound science that show lead ammunition having an impact on wildlife population,” said Keane.   He also noted to Fox News that the firearms industry is already paying an 11% federal excise tax to support wildlife conservation programs.

A spokesman for the Center for Biological Diversity claims, “This isn’t about hunting — it’s about switching to nontoxic materials to stop preventable lead poisoning.”  Whateves! We’re not buying it for a minute.

The Center for Biological Diversity can kiss my Claddagh!

Also just a couple days ago Obama continued with his whole “moralizing on green energy”.  Another great article on Fox News reported, 

“The problem with environmental moralizing is that it goes over about as well in the political center as old-fashioned moralizing. Whether you’re running against hotel-room porn or cheap electricity, you’re running against things that have considerable constituencies among persuadable American voters.”

Green energy isn’t the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Right now even the idea of using algae as a fuel source is a ridiculous amount of years from even being a possibility. Part of the problem is that it’s also extremely expensive to produce any type of mass quantities.  I actually don’t think green energy is just lumped all together bad. I definitely believe in American ingenuity to create solutions to complicated problems.  But some ideas are certainly better than others. And I don’t see what is wrong with utilizing our natural resources to provide for our country.

But here is some Irish advice to wish you a good St Patty’s day. Remember, the Irish ignore anything they can’t drink or punch.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/03/16/obama-moralizing-more-on-green-energy/#ixzz1pOFMGbtB

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/03/16/hunting-industry-fires-back-at-environmental-groups-effort-to-ban-toxic-lead/#ixzz1pOBkOehJ


Brilliant I tell ya, a brilliant match.

This past week a study sponsored by Match.com was released entitled “Singles in America” in which 6000 singles participated in a survey covering their sexual habits, dating life, political beliefs and more.  It was in association with a biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher; sex and relationship therapist, Dr. Laura Berman; evolutionary biologist with The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Dr. Justin R. Garcia; and the Institute for Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) at Binghamton University.

The Daily Beast was given an exclusive to all the horny details and they reported, ”More than half of those who identified as conservative Republicans said they reached climax almost every time they had sex, compared with just 40 percent of liberal Democrats.”  

YES!!! I knew it. See, what have I been telling you people?  That nice Republican girl sitting in the corner of the bar wearing a high-collar shirt and a lovely set of pearls is hoping to get her freak on.   It’s always the quiet ones.

They also report Republicans have less but better sex.   Ok, I can live with that one.  I’d much rather have no sex than bad sex.  There are ways to get through those times.  They mention as well, “A full 50 percent of women say that “bad sex” would be a deal-breaker in a relationship, compared with just 44 percent of men.”  Well, that’s just shocking.

Sadly, the study also shows, ”Fidelity is regarded as a more important quality in the U.S. president than in a partner. 62% of men and 80% of women say that sexual fidelity in a relationship is a “must have.” But almost 9 out of 10 respondents believe there are “no acceptable excuses” for infidelity by a political candidate (87% of men and 91% of women).”

I say sadly, because we hold our politicians to a much higher standard than to ourselves.  I vote for no infidelity for anybody.  There, that’s fixed.

As far as looking for a real live partner in crime, “Republican and Democratic singles seek dramatically different traits in a partner. Liberal Democrats are more likely to search for someone with a sense of humor, similar lifestyle to their own, a sense of independence and someone whom they consider to be their equal. Republicans really are conservative when it comes to choosing a partner; they’re searching for someone with the same background and political party as their own who is interested in marriage.”


Hey, I take issue with that one. Humor is numero uno on my list every time.

I would just like conclude this post with an in-depth summary of my views on the matter.


I wonder if that survey covered anything about Republicans being very competitive and sometimes immature.  Doesn’t matter, we win.

What do you do when you reach that point in life when you realize you are your own worst enemy?  Normal people spend time reflecting, soul-searching, and a severe course correction.  But if you are in politics, you evidently just keep going until I guess you spontaneously combust.

I have a red mark in the middle of my forehead this morning from slapping myself repeatedly.  I mentioned yesterday Newt’s reference to his being left off the VA ballot and likening it to Pearl Harbor. (Slap)  But today reports are surfacing from a 2006 newsletter in which Newt heavily praised Romneycare.  (slap, slap)  The Wall Street Journal discovered the newsletters online in which Newt is quoted as saying, “The health bill that Governor Romney signed into law this month has tremendous potential to effect major change in the American health system,”  He goes on to state that he agrees 100% of Americans should be covered by healthcare.

I understand hindsight is 20/20.  Actually, I understand that a little too well. But obviously it refutes one of Gingrich’s strongest arguments against Romney.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.

CNN is reporting that much of Romney’s wealth came from the reorganization of a company that resulted in severe job losses. “The feature-length article penned by Benjamin Wallace-Wells portrayed Romney not only as part of “the 1%” but pointed out how much of Romney’s wealth came as a result of Bain Capital’s company re-orgs that reportedly led to a great number of job losses.”

Seriously, are they trying to destroy themselves on purpose?

I think we learned a lot of lessons from the Cain Train.  I’m not claiming his guilt or innocence.  To be honest, I don’t know.  But for argument’s sake, if you have any sort of skeleton’s in your closet, you HAVE to know they will come to light if you run for President.  And if you have significant skeletons why would you run at all?

But at least know the skeletons you have so you can answer for them when they come back to haunt you.  The media doesn’t play fair with the Right.  We all know that.  And it’s never going to change.  They are going to scrutinize our candidates to the point of ridiculous.  Obama has never and will never be held to the same standards.  So you sure as hell better be damned prepared.

Does anyone like Tom Clancy?  (No I’m not suggesting he run for President, but how cool would that be?) In the book/movie Clear and Present Danger, information comes out that the President is close friends with a man involved with some Drug Cartel leaders.  The President and his staff’s first inclination is to deny the relationship (like most men, awww sorry for the man jab).  But our hero, Jack Ryan, says no.  He says when they ask if they were friends, for the President to reply,” no, we were BEST friends.”  Ryan emphasizes for them to give the media nowhere to go with it.  And thus, it removes the potency of the story.

Can we please send copies of this book to all the candidates?

And more importantly, they need to keep the focus on Obama.  And if you want to know why, read these statistics from a Big Government article today called, It’s the Math Stupid!

  1. Every day, the U.S. government takes in $6 billion and spends $10 billion.  This means that every day the federal government spends $4 billion more dollars than it has.
  2. The real unemployment rate is a jaw-dropping 11 percent.
  3. Every fifth man you pass on your way to work is now out of work.
  4. College graduates are now 34% less likely to find a job under Obama than they were under President George W. Bush.
  5. Every seventh person you pass on the sidewalk now relies on food stamps.
  6. The ravages of the Obama economy now mean that more Americans live under the federal poverty line than at any time in U.S. history since records have been kept.
  7. Under President Barack Obama, every fifth child in America now lives in poverty.

THAT’S WHY!  Now those are some mighty big skeletons wouldn’t you agree?

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/12/27/gingrich-supported-romney-health-care-plan-in-2006-newsletter/#ixzz1hkPtIGcZ


I know. I know. That title borders on the ridiculous for even me.  But you have to admit, it begged to be mocked.

Ah, the elusive, world of bizarro that is the Iowa Caucus.

Oddly, when I think about the Iowa Cock-us, I picture a lot of people sitting around in lawn chairs and usually beer is involved.

But if you want to know how the Iowa Cock-us really works here is a great video explaining the extremely fucked up process.  I highly suggest one shot of anything 20 proof or stronger before you watch.  If you are left-brained deficient like myself you will particularly enjoy the animated visual aids.  Unfortunately it is from 2008, so they mention, gasp, democrats.

The only error or potential error I noticed, because of a recent speech I heard from an Iowa Congressman was that each candidate will have some person making a speech at each of the precincts in favor of that particular candidate.  Like this video mentions the Democrats as doing. I’m not certain the exact nature behind the reasoning in the difference.  That is one of the reasons the candidates have been breaking their asses to get to each of the counties.  With the exception of Gingrich and Romney, because they have such heavy media rotations.   Essentially each candidate will need anywhere up to 2000 people speaking on their behaves for the caucus.

Iowa Caucus: Animated Edition

Desire is a powerful thing.  It can cause us to be extremely daring.  It can definitely cause us to be really stupid and do things we wouldn’t normally.  I’m a very passionate person.  I’m passionate about my life and what I do.  I’m an extremely passionate lover.  That’s why when I find a lover that matches me on that level I turn to putty.  Give me the person that doesn’t care about pretense and isn’t happy unless one thing in room is broken in the process.

And when I truly desire something there is no stopping me.  Desire is also catching.  Have you noticed?  I’ve noticed when I speak before groups my passion can somehow transfer to the audience.  I don’t understand it, but I count it as a blessing.

However, when I don’t believe in something, even if I go through the motions, it’s easy to tell.  I may even self-sabotage the situation to convey my inner desired outcome.

To be honest, I think Obama doesn’t really want to be President anymore.

He reminds me of the bride that got all caught up in the wedding and didn’t realize there was going to be a marriage afterward.  This whole messy little thing called “running a country” isn’t stroking his ego any more.  It’s no longer any fun for him.  And I don’t think he wants to be there.

I had my opinion validated just yesterday in a Washington Times article.  The writer Joseph Curl mentions how Obama is “traveling the country purportedly to look for votes in 2012, decided to lecture the American people on their shortcomings: fat, lazy, stupid.”

I’m no re-election rocket scientist, but I’m not convinced that’s the best way to get votes.

Part of the problem is truth always rises to the top.  Obama is nothing more than a suit. Even Chris Matthews realizes that now after he went from “chills up and down his legs” to deep criticism of the President this week.

But here’s the problem for Obama.  Even if he doesn’t want it, his party must keep him in power.  And one of the biggest reasons I believe that, is the importance that the next president will have in appointing new judges to the Supreme Court.

There was an article back in October that I somehow missed until just yesterday.  Michelle Obama spoke at a fundraiser in Providence last month and hinted at the abolishon of the Second Amendment in her husbands second term.  You read that right.  I immediately was up in arms, pun intended.  Did I read that right?  That can’t happen can it? 

At this point in time, the Second Amendment is protected by a little 5-4 majority vote on the court.  One teeny, tiny vote. One person.  That is what “stands between the America our Founding Fathers established and a radically different America that Barack Obama and his supporters envision.”

The article also states, “If you want to read something scary, take another look at the minority opinions in the Supreme Court’s landmark Heller and McDonald decisions that struck down Washington, D.C.’s and Chicago’s unconstitutional gun bans. In the Heller dissent, four justices concluded that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right to own a firearm, nor does it protect our right to defend ourselves, our families, or our property. In McDonald, the same four justices argued that the 5-4 Heller decision should be reversed.”


Dan Mitchell with the CATO institute in DC posted a great article on how the European economic crisis highlights even MORE reasons to oppose gun control.  One of the reason’s he states is “Personal protection against social breakdown. If politicians destroy the economic system with too much debt and too much dependency, firearms will be the first and last line of defense against those who would plunder and pillage.”

So how bad do you want it?  How badly do you want to protect the constitution and protect your rights, property, and family?  Because that’s how badly you need to want Obama to fail in his bid for re-election. Which I’m certain if you are reading this article, you already believe.

You can want sex that badly too.  At least it’s a good past time while Obama takes our country to hell in an handbasket!




Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/11/michelle-obamas-warning-to-gun-owners/#ixzz1f0dDgS3a

I just got this email from Nancy Pelosi compliments of the DCCC.  I had to give them my email in order to download their Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet to combat Republicans over Thanksgiving gatherings.  Yes, I shit you not.

But this will REALLY piss you off.  Interesting to see what the other side is saying about us, especially Tea Partiers.  Below is the email and the red, well, you guys are smart.  That might be my little additions!


“Friend — (Ohhhhh, hell no I’m not your friend)

We hear you. We’re as frustrated and angry as you are about the way things are going in Washington. House Republicans have failed to accomplish anything and are intent on obstructing everything (Yes we are obstructing the bullshit from the left) – they have turned their backs on the 99%. (Go ahead.  Get in bed with Occupy Wall street.  Let’s see how that works for you.)

The Citizens United decision resulted in a flood of special interest money that helped Tea Party Republicans win last year. Since then, House Democrats and I have met with thousands of activists across the country and heard repeatedly that the time is ripe for a national campaign for clean elections. (You mean “clean elections” like ACORN did? hmmmm curious!)

Together we can elect reformers who will help change the system so we can send these Tea Party radicals (Radicals, oh yeah, like those crazy guys who wrote the Constitution) home, win a Democratic Majority, and help reelect President Obama to reignite the America Dream. (That’s just laughable)

But, before we can elect reformers, we must first have the strongest showing possible this Wednesday in one of the most important FEC reporting deadlines of the cycle.

Midnight Wednesday is the first FEC deadline since Republicans derailed our economy again. The media, pundits and our opponents will be scouring over our fundraising totals to try to see if we have the momentum.

Make a gift of $3 today and House Democrats — who are so committed to ensuring we have the resources we need for our November report — will match your gift dollar-for-dollar.

Using your contributions, we will we elect reformers who will change Washington. We must have the resources to go toe-to-toe against the tidal wave of special interest money from billionaires intent on protecting their 1% status. (Just like all the special interest money that went to Obama. That money?)

It’s time to stand up and let our voices be heard. It’s time to send the Tea Party home. (You’d like that wouldn’t you! It ain’t happenin’ Grandma!)  I need you to get involved today.

Please contribute $3 before Wednesday’s urgent deadline >> (I will personally kick your ass if you do! ha!)

Nancy Pelosi (Aka, The Evil Queen)


Obama has whacked off again.  This time it’s the “Mad Dog of the Middle East”  Muammar Gaddafi.  Why do I say Obama?  Because he’s going to take credit for it anyway.  Early reports state that NATO air strikes initially wounded Gaddafi in the legs and head and rebel fighters found him hiding in a drainage “hole”, and that he later died.  But of course, reports from the Rebels state that they were responsible for the Tyrant’s death.

The death of Mad Dog Muammar ends his 42 year reign.  He came into power when he was only 27 years old and he successfully toppled the then Libyan King and his regime.  He is responsible for the Berlin discotheque Bombing, the Lockerbee Bombing, and a mass of Libyan civilian deaths.  And who the hell knows what else.  He was adept at hiding his crimes.

In 2004 he regained legitimacy with world leaders negotiated by his abandonment of his nuclear program.  Which in light of recent months appears to be a sickening, but likely smart move.