If you exclude any of the Kardashians, the last person on earth I would ever want to be is Jay Carney.  Carney, in case you don’t already have a poster of him on your dart board next to Holder,  is the White House Press Secretary.  Which, essentially, operates as the mouth piece to the media on behalf of the President and the President’s actions.

Now, if you have an honest President, who say, ISN’T a closet communist, the job would be hard.  But if you DO, the job is likely damn hard and you probably drink  yourself to the point of passing out nightly, just to “make the bad journalists go away”.

Having to answer for the President and his daily bone-headedness would suck eggs.  That’s frankly the best way to describe it.  I always picture Jay Carney as the Albino monk Silas, from The DiVinci Code, who likely has to practice self-flagellation rituals nightly.

None-the-less Carney is a spin Doctor.  And it’s frustrating when he can twist things to appear as some sort of alternate reality thus usually keeping the President ‘off the hook’ so to speak.  It somehow then becomes seemingly a game of strategy to get the administration and his mouth piece to answer with truths, not spin.

Ed Henry, the senior White House Correspondent for Fox News, kept Carney completely twisted this week during the White House briefing.  First of all I have to say, I LOVE that “we” have Henry, who came from CNN.  To me that in of itself makes me say, “neener, neener, we win!”  And yesterday proved exactly why.

A great article at Examiner.com explains, “You just have to love the way FOX News reporter, Ed Henry, used White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s own twisted tongue, to tie him in knots during the regular press briefing yesterday. Henry was not going to allow a single, false Obama phrase to go unchallenged before the media.”

And this all has to do with the Presidents bully comments to the Supremes this past week and his error in speaking of judicial review.  This caused 5th circuit court Judge Jerry Smith, who has to have the biggest set of balls ever and can fully expect an IRS audit this year,  ”to demand a three-page, single-spaced “legal brief,” by 1:00 pm ET yesterday, indicating that President Obama understands the court’s right of judicial review, and ability to strike down, any federal statutory law, specifically naming “Obamacare.”

Holder complied and delivered the letter. Of course, it was all still “the game”.  And Carney is the one having to answer for all of this.

Even CBS Reporter Bill Plante bluntly told White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today that President Obama’s Supreme Court comments on Monday were an “obvious misspoken moment,” and that Carney was “standing up there twisting yourself in knots because he made a mistake, and you can’t admit it.”

Insert childish giggle here!

Everything is a game.  Just different stakes.

Even with men.  And you guys will probably be a lot like Carney and never admit to this, but you know I’m right.  The guys that I ignore are the ones that continue to pursue with great fervor.  The ones I like and enjoy talking to are the ones that keep their distance.  I heard it described brilliantly once.  Evidently, you men, still have that hunting thing about you.  You love sport! You love the chase. If someone put a moose head on your doorstep, you would say “ewww”.  But if you went with a group of your buddies into the wild to chase moose, you would fight like hell to get it, and eventually with great pride hold a bloody moose head up for photos and make it your Christmas Card photo!

And that’s the exact same reason, or so I hear, cough, cough, that when women immediately sleep with a guy they run like lightning.  Game over!  Unless the sex of course is mind-blowing then they text you a lot in the middle of the night.  Again, so I’ve heard.

It’s not right or wrong.  It just is what it is.

I tweeted yesterday that I schooled a Ferrari in my Volkswagen in morning traffic yesterday.   I commented I didn’t think he was trying.   But in all honesty he was.  If we had been out on a wide open road I probably would have wondered what the red fuzzy blur was that just passed me.  BUT, I grew up driving in Dallas.  Driving is nothing more than competition. Oh sure, you thought it was to get you from point A to B! Nope!!

We were in traffic.  I’m terribly impatient in traffic.  But I look at it as a game.  I pick cars I have to beat.  Yes!!!! I know I need therapy.  That’s beside the point.  But I picked the Ferrari who was desperately changing lanes.  He’d get ahead, but I wouldn’t panic.  I sat back and anticipated everyone’s next move.  I’m actually REALLY good at that.  I take all of it in.  All the cars, all the “types” of drivers and I strategize.   Sometimes it feels like you are losing.  But you have to just be patient for the right opening.  And when it does, it’s big, and you go!

By the time I turned off to my destination.  The Ferrari, was behind me. I win!!!

The same is happening now. We feel like we are stuck in the slow lane and we are being schooled by the flashy Ferrari Obama Administration.  We are not losing.  We are strategizing.  And we are waiting. If you give someone enough rope, they will hang themselves.  It’s already begun.

Game on my friends. Time to win back our country.

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