Desire is a powerful thing.  It can cause us to be extremely daring.  It can definitely cause us to be really stupid and do things we wouldn’t normally.  I’m a very passionate person.  I’m passionate about my life and what I do.  I’m an extremely passionate lover.  That’s why when I find a lover that matches me on that level I turn to putty.  Give me the person that doesn’t care about pretense and isn’t happy unless one thing in room is broken in the process.

And when I truly desire something there is no stopping me.  Desire is also catching.  Have you noticed?  I’ve noticed when I speak before groups my passion can somehow transfer to the audience.  I don’t understand it, but I count it as a blessing.

However, when I don’t believe in something, even if I go through the motions, it’s easy to tell.  I may even self-sabotage the situation to convey my inner desired outcome.

To be honest, I think Obama doesn’t really want to be President anymore.

He reminds me of the bride that got all caught up in the wedding and didn’t realize there was going to be a marriage afterward.  This whole messy little thing called “running a country” isn’t stroking his ego any more.  It’s no longer any fun for him.  And I don’t think he wants to be there.

I had my opinion validated just yesterday in a Washington Times article.  The writer Joseph Curl mentions how Obama is “traveling the country purportedly to look for votes in 2012, decided to lecture the American people on their shortcomings: fat, lazy, stupid.”

I’m no re-election rocket scientist, but I’m not convinced that’s the best way to get votes.

Part of the problem is truth always rises to the top.  Obama is nothing more than a suit. Even Chris Matthews realizes that now after he went from “chills up and down his legs” to deep criticism of the President this week.

But here’s the problem for Obama.  Even if he doesn’t want it, his party must keep him in power.  And one of the biggest reasons I believe that, is the importance that the next president will have in appointing new judges to the Supreme Court.

There was an article back in October that I somehow missed until just yesterday.  Michelle Obama spoke at a fundraiser in Providence last month and hinted at the abolishon of the Second Amendment in her husbands second term.  You read that right.  I immediately was up in arms, pun intended.  Did I read that right?  That can’t happen can it? 

At this point in time, the Second Amendment is protected by a little 5-4 majority vote on the court.  One teeny, tiny vote. One person.  That is what “stands between the America our Founding Fathers established and a radically different America that Barack Obama and his supporters envision.”

The article also states, “If you want to read something scary, take another look at the minority opinions in the Supreme Court’s landmark Heller and McDonald decisions that struck down Washington, D.C.’s and Chicago’s unconstitutional gun bans. In the Heller dissent, four justices concluded that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right to own a firearm, nor does it protect our right to defend ourselves, our families, or our property. In McDonald, the same four justices argued that the 5-4 Heller decision should be reversed.”


Dan Mitchell with the CATO institute in DC posted a great article on how the European economic crisis highlights even MORE reasons to oppose gun control.  One of the reason’s he states is “Personal protection against social breakdown. If politicians destroy the economic system with too much debt and too much dependency, firearms will be the first and last line of defense against those who would plunder and pillage.”

So how bad do you want it?  How badly do you want to protect the constitution and protect your rights, property, and family?  Because that’s how badly you need to want Obama to fail in his bid for re-election. Which I’m certain if you are reading this article, you already believe.

You can want sex that badly too.  At least it’s a good past time while Obama takes our country to hell in an handbasket!


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