I just got this email from Nancy Pelosi compliments of the DCCC.  I had to give them my email in order to download their Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet to combat Republicans over Thanksgiving gatherings.  Yes, I shit you not.

But this will REALLY piss you off.  Interesting to see what the other side is saying about us, especially Tea Partiers.  Below is the email and the red, well, you guys are smart.  That might be my little additions!


“Friend — (Ohhhhh, hell no I’m not your friend)

We hear you. We’re as frustrated and angry as you are about the way things are going in Washington. House Republicans have failed to accomplish anything and are intent on obstructing everything (Yes we are obstructing the bullshit from the left) – they have turned their backs on the 99%. (Go ahead.  Get in bed with Occupy Wall street.  Let’s see how that works for you.)

The Citizens United decision resulted in a flood of special interest money that helped Tea Party Republicans win last year. Since then, House Democrats and I have met with thousands of activists across the country and heard repeatedly that the time is ripe for a national campaign for clean elections. (You mean “clean elections” like ACORN did? hmmmm curious!)

Together we can elect reformers who will help change the system so we can send these Tea Party radicals (Radicals, oh yeah, like those crazy guys who wrote the Constitution) home, win a Democratic Majority, and help reelect President Obama to reignite the America Dream. (That’s just laughable)

But, before we can elect reformers, we must first have the strongest showing possible this Wednesday in one of the most important FEC reporting deadlines of the cycle.

Midnight Wednesday is the first FEC deadline since Republicans derailed our economy again. The media, pundits and our opponents will be scouring over our fundraising totals to try to see if we have the momentum.

Make a gift of $3 today and House Democrats — who are so committed to ensuring we have the resources we need for our November report — will match your gift dollar-for-dollar.

Using your contributions, we will we elect reformers who will change Washington. We must have the resources to go toe-to-toe against the tidal wave of special interest money from billionaires intent on protecting their 1% status. (Just like all the special interest money that went to Obama. That money?)

It’s time to stand up and let our voices be heard. It’s time to send the Tea Party home. (You’d like that wouldn’t you! It ain’t happenin’ Grandma!)  I need you to get involved today.

Please contribute $3 before Wednesday’s urgent deadline >> (I will personally kick your ass if you do! ha!)

Nancy Pelosi (Aka, The Evil Queen)

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